Graduate Scholarships

Graduate scholarships available through the Department must be applied for through Scholar Dollar$ using your MyNMSU login information. You cannot apply for an individual scholarship, but instead, students are considered for all scholarships for which they are qualified. Applications are due March 1. So, fill out the required information on Scholar Dollar$ and best wishes!!

Remember, you won't be successful if you don't apply, so get to work!

Mesilla Valley Fly Fishers

The Mesilla Valley Fly Fishers Scholarship of $500 per year considers professional promise based on participation in professional societies, work experience and volunteer work for governmental agencies and conservation organizations. Please submit a letter stating your interest in fisheries, and past involvement in fisheries improvement, conservation-related activities and organizations. Indicate your goals after graduation as they relate to professional employment.

Carol Gordon Memorial

The Carol Gordon Memorial Scholarship is awarded in memory of Carol Gordon, who was a fishery science major. The award is $400 per year and is paid at the beginning of the fall semester.

Hubert Estabrook - Doña Ana County Associated Sportsmen

This scholarship is donated from the Hubert Esterbrook Memorial Fund and administered by the Dona Ana County Associated Sportsmen. The scholarship will be awarded in variable semester increments of at least $500.00 to be applied to the cost of tuition, books,research needs, etc. Recipients of the scholarship are eligible to compete for a second award by reapplying for the next year. Preferential consideration given to a student who has no other financial help to conduct thesis research display a high degree of professional promise including academic record membership in a professional society, participation in local and state organizations, etc., show intent to work for a state or federal natural, resource management agency. Continuation of the scholarship for the second semester is contingent upon the recipient remaining in Graduate School in good academic standing (maintaining a 3.0+ GPA).

Irma Shockley

The New Mexico Wildlife Federation shall make an annual cash gift to the New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. to be used to provide $500 scholarships for New Mexico State University students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Home Economics, and pursuing a degree in a field of agriculture. Each award shall be for an academic year. Payment of an awarded scholarship shall be divided equally between the semesters of the academic year. The recipient may elect to take the award in cash, as a credit towards tuition, or in any other manner acceptable to the recipient and the Foundation. Recipients must be Graduate Students majoring in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology and having a GPA of 3.5.

John E. Wood

The John E. Wood Memorial Scholarship pays $400-$500 per year. The scholarship is awarded to a 2nd year Graduate Student.

Ladd S. Gordon Memorial

The Ladd S. Gordon Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Ladd S. Gordon, a former director of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. This scholarship shall be used to make an annual award of $500 to a Graduate Student in the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology.