Mission and Vision

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FWCE Mission

The mission of the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology at New Mexico State University is to prepare students to become competent professionals that use traditional and emerging scientific methods, and apply this knowledge to the conservation and management of fish and wildlife. Particular attention is placed on research that solves complex natural resource problems in New Mexico, the Southwest and elsewhere.

Goal 1 - The Department's academic program will prepare quality graduates for diverse employment options, enabling them to serve the collective interests of society by:

  1. providing a rigorous education for undergraduates that adequately prepares them to enter the professional workforce or graduate school.

  2. producing competent graduate students who will assume leadership roles in research and management within local, state and federal agencies or continue on to academic positions.

  3. continuing as a leading department in recruiting and graduating a significant number of Native Americans, Hispanics and women.

Goal 2 - The Department's research program will provide innovative solutions to natural resource problems by:

  1. Maintaining a competitive research program that results in peer-refereed publications and technical reports that advance our knowledge and enhance the management and conservation of fish and wildlife.

  2. Working collaboratively with state, federal, tribal and private stakeholders to resolve wildlife management challenges.

Goal 3 - The Department's service and outreach will disseminate information concerning fish and wildlife resources in New Mexico, the Southwest and elsewhere by:

  1. Working cooperatively and sharing information with public and private interests to help sustain and manage fish and wildlife resources.

  2. Providing continuing education opportunities for resource professionals.

  3. Being a leader in responding to emerging fish and wildlife-related needs.

FWCE Vision

The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology strives for excellence in teaching, research, and outreach in ecology, conservation and management of aquatic and terrestrial resources, with an emphasis on ecosystems in southwestern North America. The major components of our vision include
a) practical field experience and leadership for students of diverse backgrounds,
b) competitive extramurally funded research programs focused on basic and applied science, and
c) technical advice and guidance for resource agencies and the public.