New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service

The Cooperative Extension Service is a partnership between federal, state, and local governments. Extension education is designed to transfer information developed from applied research to all interested persons in New Mexico. The role of the Extension Wildlife Office is to disseminate information and knowledge about wildlife to a wide variety of people. The Extension Wildlife Office serves state and federal government agencies, farmers, ranchers, sportsmen clubs, environmental organizations, county agents, and a host of other people who make up the general public.

Many New Mexicans have an interest in wildlife or a variety of reasons and illustrate a need for life history information as well as management information. Up-to-date information is needed to guide these individuals in their management endeavors to ensure the long-term sustainability of our natural resources. Technical information outlining the methods for curtailing wildlife damage is needed as well. Natural resource management agencies also need accurate, unbiased information and research oriented data to help resolve conflicts that arise over the management of the natural resources occurring in the state. In addition, the youth of New Mexico are keenly interested in the wildlife that occurs across the state and require accurate information to further their knowledge about the wildlife resource.

Therefore, the program efforts of the Extension Wildlife Office at New Mexico State University include numerous projects designed to increase knowledge about wildlife and its habitat needs, describe wildlife/livestock interaction through scientific studies, mediate natural resource conflicts, and provide effective methods to cope with wildlife damage problems.